What I do?

  •     web apps
  •     integration services
  •     desktop apps

What languages I use?

  • C# (WPF, WCF, MVC, .Net Core, …)
  • php (Laravel, Symphony, …)
  • js (jQuery, fabric.js, Angular, …)
  • Go

Feel free to contact me with any questions.


Some examples of my work:

Internal E-shop

2017-02-02 15_10_44-E-shop - OK Net

  • php, mysql, js
  • custom framework – e-shop is a new part of older webportal
  • administration with invoicing, ordering and warehouse management

Method Sheet Manager

  • C#, .Net, WPF, MSSQL
  • management of production process for a manufacturing company
  • easy to use drag&drop interface
  • crating operations with assigned material and equipment
  • distribution ofoperations to line positions
  • balancing position tact time and checking if all material/operations are used in the process
  • managing process versions, approval process, …
  • exporting to xml which can be used to create method sheets (manufacturing instructions for positions)

Custom phone cover creator

2017-04-06 10_52_24-NUVO _ Tvorba vlastného krytu

  • php, js, fabric.js
  • adding new functionality to existing web app – text curving, changing image color, image flipping, export to svg/png/pdf, undo/redo, …



  • C#, ASP.Net, js
  • administration of various data related to land(parcels, parcel types, cadastre, buildings, area, owners, …)
  • geographic information system
  • joining/splitting/editing of land


This is a contact page with some basic contact information and a contact form.